Election Fraud Polling Analysis: Confirmation of a Kerry Landslide

by TruthIsAll


Introduction: To Believe Bush Won...


  1. When Decided

  2. Bush Approval Ratings

  3. The Final 5 Million Recorded Votes

  4. The Final Exit Poll: Forced to Match the Vote

  5. Within Precinct Discrepancy

  6. New Voters

  7. Party ID

  8. Gender

  9. Implausible Gore Voter Defection

10. Voter Turnout

11. Urban Legend

12. Location Size

13. Sensitivity Analysis

14. Did Kerry Win 360 EV?

15. Election Simulation Analysis

16. Exit Poll Response Optimization

17. Florida

18. Ohio

19. New York



A. Election Model: Nov.1 Projection

B. Interactive Monte Carlo Simulation: Pre-election and Exit Polls

C. 1988-2004 Election Calculator: The True Vote

D. The 2000-2004 County Vote Database

E. Statistics and Probability: Mathematics of Polling