New Yorkers Cast Votes on Levers that Were Miscounted on Computers


Richard Charnin (TruthIsAll)


Howard Stanislevic is at it again in his unrelenting campaign to keep the New York Lever machines.


Howard is worried about voter error/fraud by over-voting on optical scanners, just like that other Republican, John Fund. He uses Fund’s old scapegoat, the Florida 2000 voter, to illustrate his concern for over-votes in NY.  He never considers that corrupt FL and NY election officials, by counting votes using rigged computers along with faulty mechanical punched cards and levers, can be the cause of fraudulent vote counts. Florida 2000 voters were not stupid; they did not over-punch. Much more likely, corrupt election officials voided the 110,000 votes by maliciously double-and triple-punching  them - after the polls closed. Approximately 70,000 were Gore votes.


At least with optical scanners, the paper ballots can be counted, like they are in Oregon, the only 100% mail-in paper ballot state:


Howard conveniently ignores the simple fact that NY votes are cast on levers but counted on unverifiable central tabulators (computers). He should know by now that the tabulators can be maliciously programmed to switch and drop votes. And you can never prove it; there is no paper trail for the levers or the tabulators. Howard never mentions the fact that NY votes are cast on levers but counted on computers.


In 2000, Gore won NY by 60-35% with 5% to Nader/other third-party voters. In 2004, Kerry had just 58% of the recorded vote. The NY exit poll indicated that Kerry won by 64-35%. Let’s do some simple math.


Returning Nader voters broke 5-1 for Kerry. Therefore, assuming an equal turnout of returning Gore and Bush voters, Kerry won NY by 63.5-35.5% - matching the exit poll. And that is conservative. The 12:22am National Exit Poll indicates that 10% of returning Bush 2000 voters defected to Kerry, while only 8% of Gore voters defected to Bush. The 12% NY exit poll Within Precinct Discrepancy  (WPD) was massive compared to the National 7.4% WPD.


Either the exit pollsters screwed up royally in NY, or Bush padded his 3 million recorded vote “mandate” there by cutting Kerry’s margin 12% (900,000 votes). And that does not include thousands of Kerry voters who did not even get a chance to vote.


New York votes are extremely vulnerable to miscounts at the precinct and in Cyberspace.


Let us count the ways:
1) Defective levers were placed in the strong Democratic precincts

2) Too few levers were placed in Democratic precincts (long lines).
3) Pre-set levers were stuck on Bush, none on Kerry – discouraging voters
4) Lever totals are input to unverifiable central tabulators that can easily be coded to switch and drop votes.
5) There can be no hand recounts because there are no paper ballots (except for late absentee or provisionals)

6) In  2000-2008, the Democratic late paper ballot share was 7% higher than the Election Day (lever) share

7) The late paper ballot share closely matched the exit poll.
According to the Census, there were over 300,000 net uncounted votes


Bottom line: Even if the levers worked perfectly - which they don’t – the votes are counted on computers. 


Howard, repeat over and over again until it sticks in:

It’s not who casts the votes or even how the votes are cast, it’s who does the counting.


As Peter King (R-NY) said:  “It’s all over but the counting, and we’ll take care of the counting”.